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Asphalt Binder Analyzer (E-Version) - NL 2002 X / 002

Category : Bitumen & Asphalt Testing Equipments

Code : NL 2002 X / 002

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Product Specification / Description

Standard : BS EN 12697-39, ASTM D6307-10, AASHTO T308-10


The ignition test is the most common method for determining the Asphalt Binder Content of Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) and gradation. The ignition method, allows for the asphalt binder in an HMA sample to be burned off in an oven at temperatures above the flame point of the binder. Asphalt binder content is then calculated by subtracting the mass of the aggregate remaining after the asphalt binder is burned off from the initial mass of the test sample.

The Combustion Asphalt Content Tester integral microprocessor controlled weighing and calculation system is configurable to allow variations to standard asphalt binder test method. This apparatus combines a sophisticated furnace and weighing system to continuously measure weight loss during combustion, then automatically calculate binder content at the end of the test. Equipped with suitable safety systems to ensure that the furnace door is kept shut during the test.


* A large, easy-to-read, back-lit digital display updates all data in real-time.

* Independently controlled afterburner with exhaust fan and vent reduces emissions so low that no aspiration hood is needed.

* Automatic temperature control, door lock state detector, door off automatically.

* Active smoke extraction system.

* Improved housing and construction, in continuous operation, low surface temperature.

* Additional base frame storage compartment.

* Optional variety of imported or domestic balance and support internal calibration without removing the balance.

* Automatic storage of experimental data testing.

* Turn off the automatic storage of data and experimental data with automatically print function.

* Can save up to 9 of test data, complete data including test results.

* Automatically generating and saving test results: recalling historical data and printing test reports.

* The temperature control has high precision and good stability.

* Strong electromagnetic compatibility; the heating channel has a soft start function when it is turned on and off and the electric control system has an electromagnetic shielding cover.

* Energy saving; the furnace body made of thickened high-performance heat insulation materials greatly able to reduce heat energy loss.


Technical Specifications :

Model Number NL 2002 X / 002
Maximum Sample Mass 3000g, recommended sample mass 1200-1800g
Weight Detection Accuracy ± 0.1g
Temperature Control Setting Range 100 ˚C 800 ˚C
Temperature Detection Resolution 1.0 ˚C
Temperature Control Accuracy ± 5 ˚C
Ambient Temperature ≤ 35 ˚C
Power Supply 415V, 9.5kW Three-phase four-wire Y connection
Combustion Chamber Dimensions 300 x 250 x 450 mm
Dimension (mm) 850 x 650 x 1250 mm
Approx. Weight 260 kg


Unit Consist of :

Model Number Description
NL 2002 X / 002 - P001 2 Sample Baskets, Cover, Basket Stand
NL 2002 X / 002 - P002 Extraction Fork
NL 2002 X / 002 - P003 1 Meter Extendable Ducting Hose
NL 2002 X / 002 - P004 Sample Basket Loading Handle
NL 2002 X / 002 - P005 2 Rolls of Printer Tapes


Optional Accessories :

Model Number Description
NL 2002 X / 001 - A001 Face Shield
NL 7037 X / 002 Heat Resistance Glove (Leather)
NL 2002 X / 002 - P006 Storage Compartment