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Mechanical Extensometer - NL ME - 100

Category : Steel Testing Equipments

Code : NL ME - 100

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Product Specification / Description

 Tensile Testing 

Mechanical Extensometer is an attachment to Universal Tensile/Testing Machine. It measures the elongation of a test piece on load for the set gauge length. The least count of measurement is 0.001 mm and mazimum elongation measured is up to 3 mm. This elongation measurement helps in finding out of the proof stress at the required elongation percentage.

Technical Specifications :

Model Number NL ME - 100
Measuring Range 0 to 50 mm
Resolution 0.01 mm
Gauge Length (Adjustable) 30 to 120 mm
Thickness or Diameter of Specimen 1 to 50 mm
Dimension (mm) 285 (L) x 130 (W) x 140 (H)
Approx. Weight 1.6 kg


Set Consist Of :

Model Number Parts Description Qty
NL ME-100 Mechanical Extensometer 1set.
NL 7020 X / 009 Digital Dial Indicator (50mm x 0.001 mm) 1no.