Item Name

Rockwell Hardness Tester (Analogue Indicator)

Category : Steel Testing Equipments

Code : NL 6004 X / 002

Product Specification / Description

Hardness Test

The working principle of Brinell hardness tester is to press the ball of certain diameter into the sample surface under a certain test force maintain time. Then unload the test force, and measure the diameter of the indention. The Brinell value is the quotient of the test force divided by indention surface area.



Technical Specifications :

Standard : ASTM E10-14,ISO 6506-2
Model Number NL 6004 X / 002
Initial Test Force 98.07 N (10kgf)
Max. Distance from the centre of the idention of the wall 130 mm
Max. Height of the test piece 170 mm
Total test force 588.4 N (60 kgf)
980.7 N (100 kgf)
1.171 kN (150 kgf)
Indicator Scale C = 0 100
B = 30 130
Hardness Test Dimensions 457x240x629 mm (LWH)
Approx. Weight 75 kg