Item Name

Eco Smartz Automatic Compression Machine (Light Duty) 2000kN

Category : Concrete Testing Equipments

Code : NL 4000 X / 029

Product Specification / Description

Compression & Flexural

Newly upgraded model with brand new outlook. Old AC motor replaced by new imported DC motor for more durability, low noise pollution, low oil temperature & low power consumption.

*Energy saving
*Less vibration & noise
*Auto result saving up to 450 specimen
*Simple operation system
*Dual channels ready for compression & flexural
*Piston travel switch

*Upgraded fully covered safety enclosed
*Extended base frame for comfortable operation level
*USB port to export test result


Touch Screen Smartz Controller V1.1 :

 Clear, easy to read, sensitive & large LCD touch screen
display of 155mm(W) x 85 mm(H) 
 Maximum force hold facility with real time Force vs
Time graph display. 
 User input test number, age, weight & density for complete
sample information.
 Real time speed indicator bar for better current speed
reference for better control.
 Manual loading & conditional automatic loading for
compression machines with suitable DC motor control system.
 Automatic conversion from kN to Mpa according to the
chosen sample types.


Technical Specifications :

 Standard EN 12390-4,ASTM C93,AASHTO T22  
Model Number NL 4000 X / 029
Max.Vertical Clearance 345 mm
Max.Horizontal Clearance 270 mm
Low Range Sensitivity 0 - 999 x 0.1 kN
High Range Sensitivity 1000 - 2000 x 1kN
Compression Platen Diameter 216 mm
Piston Ram  Diameter 250 mm
Piston Ram Travel 50 mm
Main Frame Dimension 410 (L) x 440 (W) x 1280 (H) mm
Smartz Console Dimension 360 (L) x 400 (W) x 1320 (H) mm
Approx. Product Weight  600 kg
Power 220 V,2.5 Amp, 50/60 Hz, 750W,1 ph


Unit Consists Of :

Model Number Parts Description Qty 
NL 4000 X / 028 - P 001 Standard Distance Piece Ø165 x 30 mm 1 no.
NL 4000 X / 028 - P 002 Standard Distance Piece Ø165 x 50 mm 2 nos.
NL 4000 X / 028 - P 003 Standard Distance Piece Ø165 x 100 mm  


Optional Accessories :

 Model Number  Parts Description
 NL 4000 X / 002 - A005  100 mm Cube Lower Platen Piece
 NL 4000 X / 002 - A006  Block Test Compression Platen Set
 NL 4000 X / 002 - A010  Portable Flexural Test Device 



  Touch Screen Display