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Digital Display Charpy Impact Testing Machine 50J - NL 6002 X / 003

Category : Steel Testing Equipments

Code : NL 6002 X / 003

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Product Specification / Description

Digital Display Charpy Impact Testing Machine is single-chip microcomputer control, electric hammer block release, the impact energy display by the LCD. Each set of sample can do one to ten data,test data can be deleted arbitrarily. Automatically calculate the strength and average strength. Automatic print data report. Scope of application:hard plastic,fibre reinforced composite materials, glass fibre reinfirced plastic,ceramic,asbestos etc. Nonmetal materials for impact test. Equipped with V and U notch.

Technical Specifications :

 Standard  ISO179
 Model Number  NL 6002 X / 003
 Impact Energy  50 Joules
 Pendulum Torque (Standard Configuration Is One Pendulum)  50 J Pendulum PL=25.77Nm
 Dial Indexing Angle  1/100
 Impact Speed  3.8 m/s
 Pendulum Angle  160°
 Round Angle of Impact Cutting Edge  R=2±0.5mm
 Round Angle of The Jaw  R=1±0.1mm
 Impact Blade Angle  30°
 The Distance Between Pendulum Center & Sample Center  380 mm
 Accuracy of Energy  0.001 J
 Span of Support  95 mm
 Energy Loss  0.5 %
 Dimension  550mm x 350mm x 850mm
 Weight  160 kg
 Sample Type  Supporting Space
 1)  10
 2)  60
 3)  70
 4)  95

*1 Copy of Manual Instruction