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Electro-Hydraulic Servo Control Universal Testing Machine ( Multi Wire Steel Strand) 600kN - NL 6000 X / 028

Category : Steel Testing Equipments

Code : NL 6000 X / 028

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Product Specification / Description

This NL 6000 Series UTM used for the mechanics property test such as the tensile, bending, compression and etc to various metallic and non-metallic materials. The testers have been developed according to BS EN 10002-1,ISO 7500-1 & ASTM A370 “Metal Tensile Test Method” with the adoption of the  electro-hydraulic servo control and electronic measurement. It can automatically process the test result for statistical purpose and print default or user-defined test report.

NL 6000 Series UTM use the micro-computer automatic data collection and processing, real time display of the test data and curves. It has the functions such as unlimited storage of test result in the computer, printing the test results and curves, processing the batch test result report, managing the database and so on. It also has the network interface. It can automatically seek the multiple technical parameters such as elastic module E upper yield strength ReH, lower yield strength REL, stipulated non-proportional elongation intensity Rr, tensile strength Rm, stipulated total elongation intensity Rt, yield point percentage elongation and etc.

NL 6000 Series UTM have the features such as the high precision, advantage performance, high reliability, convenient operation and etc.

Computer Screen Display unit with the following functions
*Test force display
*Break detection
*Full auto test range switching function
*Auto return function
*Peak / Break value display function
*Test conditions

The system include with the followings safety features
*Emergency stop switch
*Overload limiter
*Ram-stroke limiter
*Hydraulic pump motor over-current & over heating protection
*Leak / over current protection
*Automatic stop control
*Safety Guard

*User friendly & easily due to clear and brief operation – operation interface
*Automatically save the test conditions & results
*User define test curves including : Stress / Strain, Force / Elongation, Strength / Time to suit various requirement
*Individual or combine display test curves on the same screen to compare with other several data
 at the same time
*Compatible with Microsoft Excel by import or export function
*Base of testing with digital sample break detection, auto ranging, auto calibration, quick tare &
 auto return facilities
*Exceeds all International Standards for accuracy, ASTM, DIN, ISO, JIS, EN, GB…etc
*Tension, Compression, Shear, Cycling & Creep Test facilities
*User define Real Time Display Including Load, Stress, Elongation, Strain, Speed or Time
*Advanced protection features with software setting or / & hardware switch upper & lower limit setting
*Operation fully control by computer
*USB communication system & ethernet
*Grips & fixtures for tension, compression, flexural, shear & products testing available
*Fully user define report including Report Sheet, Label, Chart & Bitmap or JPG
*Report sheet consist of Load, Elongation, Yield, Break, Stress Modulus, Strain, Tear Strength, Peel Strength etc
*Test unit including: kgf, Nf, lbf, kgf / cm, kfg / cm, N/mm, Mpa, kpa, kgm, mm, %, min, sec, …etc
*User define Yield Strength, Young Modulus, Offset Setting, Graph Offset, Export & Import test data, …etc

Unique Feature :
*Over size prestressed 4 column
  with twin screw
*External Auto Hydraulic Cylinder
  Grip System (Easy Maintenance)
*High toughness fragment safety
*High precision load cell ram
*Built-in shock absorbing system
  on base mounting
*Desktop console unit

Technical Specifications :

 Standard  BS EN 10002-1, BS 5896, ISO 7500-1, ASTM A370, ASTM A1061/A
 Model Number  NL 6000 X / 028
 Capacity  600 kN
 Machine Class  Class 1
 Accuracy  ±1%
 Displacement Resolution  0.001 mm
 Compression Space  900 mm
 Tensile Space  900 mm
 Piston Stroke  200 mm
 Dia. of Wire Strand  8 - 18 mm
 Dia. of Round Specimen  14 - 45 mm
 Thickness of Flat Specimen  Up to 40 mm
 Max. Distance of Bending Test  300 mm
 Dia. Size of Compression Plates  225 mm
 Dimension (Frame)  900(L) x 700(W) x 2700(H) mm
 Dimension ( Control Console)  800 x 600 x 1600 mm
 Power  415 V, 3ph, 2.2 kw/0.4 kw, 50/60 Hz
 Weight (Control Console)  300 kg
 Weight (Frame)  2800 kg


Unit Standard Accessories :


 Model Number


 Wire Strand Jaw Set (4 pcs)

NL 6000 X / 028 - P007

 1 set

 Flat Specimen Jaw Set (4 pcs)

NL 6000 X / 028 - P001

 1 set

 Round Specimen Jaw Set A (4 pcs)

NL 6000 X / 028 - P002

 1 set

 Round Specimen Jaw Set B (4 pcs)

NL 6000 X / 028 - P003

 1 set

 Compression Platen Set (225 mm Dia.)  NL 6000 X / 028 - P004

 1 set

 Bending Test Device  NL 6000 X / 028 - P005

 1 set

 Mounting Screw  NL 6000 X / 028 - P006

 4 pcs

 Compatible Personal Computer Set  NL CS-100

 1 set


 1 copy

 Console Control Desk  NL 6000 CCD

 1 unit

*1 Copy of Manual Instruction



Optional Accessories :

 Electronic Extensometer  NL EST - 100
 Computer Printer  NL CP - 200