Item Name

Compaction Fraction Tester

Category : Soil Testing Equipments

Code : NL 5040 X / 001

Product Specification / Description

This Compaction Fraction Tester Apparatus consist of steel open ended cylinder and steel rammer striking face, it used to determine the optimum water content (water content at maximum compaction) of a soil. Material to be tested is adjusted to five moisture contents that are individually compacted in a mould by a steel rammer
striking face.

 Standard  S 1337: Part 7 :1990, BS 1337: Part 9 :1990

Technical Specifications :

 Model Number  NL 5040 X / 001
 Mould Size  ID Ø152 x 250 (H) mm c/w Base Plate
 Approx. Mould Weight  9 kg
 Tamper Size  Ø 38 x 320 (L) mm
 Approx. Tamper Weight  1 kg

Set Consists Of :

 Model Number  Specifications  Qty
 NL 5040 X / 001 - P001  Steel Open Ended Cylinder ID Ø152 x 250 (L) mm  1no.
 NL 5040 X / 001 - P002  Steel Rammer Striking Face Ø40 mm  1no.