Item Name

Concrete Impermeabilty Apparatus

Category : Concrete Testing Equipments

Code : NL 4022 X / 002

Product Specification / Description

Water Penetration Under Pressure

Used to determine the depth that water under pressure penetrates into concrete specimens. The unit accepts concrete cubic,cylindrical or prismatic specimens having dimension of 200 x 200 x 200 mm. The specimen is located between to quick clamping chamber, clamped with special circular gaskets. The water under controlled pressure by fully automatic digital control panel with high precision pressure tranducer for fined and precision pressure conctrols. The water penetrated is measured by breaking the specimen. The unit come with standard 6 pieces version and able to up-graded to 6 pieces version by saparately order. Suppllied with built air pressure compression and water tank


Technical Specifications :

 Model Number  NL 4022 X / 002
 Standard of Test Chamber  6 Chamber
 Maximum Size of Specimen  150 mm and 200 mm Cube Specimens, Ø 100 x 200 and 150 x 300 mm Cylinder Specimen
 Maximum Pressure  20 Mpa (200 bar)
 Dimension (LxWxH)  770 x 1050 x 1450 mm
 Weight  150 kg
 Power  220 V, 1 ph, 50/60 Hz, 375 W

 *1 Copy of Manual Instructions


Unit Consists Of :

 Model Number  Parts Description  Qty
 NL 4022 X / 002 - P001  Test Chamber c/w Gasket Seal  3 Units


Optional Accessories :

 Model Number  Parts Description
 NL 4022 X / 002 - A001  Test Chamber c/w Gasket Seal ( Extended Type)
 NL 4022 X / 002 - A002  Gasket Seal