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Asphalt Binder Analyser Ignition Method - NL 2002 X / 001

Category : Bitumen & Asphalt Testing Equipments

Code : NL 2002 X / 001

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Product Specification / Description

Determination of Asphalt Mix Composition

NL introduces the Asphalt Binder Analyser which fully compliant with ASTM, AASHTO and EN 12697-39 and BS (DD). Combining a ignition oven to a continous weight asphalt sample and automatically determine at the end of the test. The unit supply with built-in metal stand.

Main Functions and Features
1.   Large-screen color LCD touch screen display that can display real-time loss curve and temperature curve. Friendly and beautiful interface control system, having bilingual display.
2.   Turn off the automatic storage of data and experimental data automatically print function.
3.   Automatic temperature control, door lock state detector, door off automatically.
4.   With active smoke extraction system.
5.   Improved housing and construction, in continuous operation, low surface temperature.
6.   Optional variety of imported or domestic balance and support internal calibration without removing the balance.
7.   The group has 30 independent combustion program storage unit may be different for different mixes to save burning program from a shutdown condition, the combustion temperature, the aggregate coefficient, high-temperature and high-temperature time temperature can be set independently to meet different mix the test material.
8.   Can save up to 100 groups of test data, complete data includingtest results, including protocols and graphs, can view and print.  Improve the human software, so users can quickly find what they need at any time in recorded history data.
9.   The machine can be equipped with PC (USB 2.0), and set the test parameters, test data is saved through the PC software is complete, the report printing (including graphs)
10. With external HOST USB interface, allowing users to export test data through the USB port directly to the U disk, directly view and support EXCEL.


Technical Specifications :

Model Number NL 2002 X / 001
Relative Humidity ≤ 85 %
Balance Range 10.0 kg, 0.1g
Maximum Operating Temperature of the combustion chamber 600 ˚C (setpoint) temperature resistant 1200 ˚C
Temperature Measurement Range 0-1024 ˚C, resolution 0.5 ˚C
Maximum Sample Mass 3500g, recommended sample mass 1200-1800g
Test Stability Factor  0.1%
Instrument Weight  220Kg
Ambient Temperature ≤ 35 ˚C
Heating Power 9KW, 3-phase four-wire Y connection
Power Supply Three-phase four-wire AC415V ± 10%
Combustion Chamber Dimensions (LxWxH) 320 × 450 × 280 mm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 790 x 735 x 1640 mm


Unit Consist of :

Model Number Description
NL 2002 X / 001 - P001 Double Sample Tray c/w Cover
NL 2002 X / 001 - P002 Extraction Fork
NL 2002 X / 001 - P003 1 Meter Extendable Ducting Hose
NL 2002 X / 001 - P004 Burning Plate (Additional)


Optional Accessories :

Model Number Description
NL 2002 X / 001 - A001 Face Shield
NL 7037 X / 002 Heat Resistance Glove (Leather)


   Chamber  Heat Resistance Glove  Face Shield