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Rebar Scanner - NL 4041 X / 001

Category : Concrete Testing Equipments

Code : NL 4041 X / 001

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Product Specification / Description

This instrument is used to measure the cover thickness of concrete over steel reinforcement bars (rebars) and metal pipes. It can also identify the location, orientation and diameter of rebars. It is extremely useful to determine the compliance in construction & avoidance of rebars during coring of concrete structure.

- Locate rebar, measure cover thickness and identify rebar orientation
- Quick determination of rebar diameter mode
- Dustproof & waterproof wheel probe ensures ease of measurement with optimum accuracy
- Auto alert of detected rebar by beeping sound
- Selectable Low & High range for measurement of different cover thickness
- Selectable bar sizes and test number
- Signal strength with sensitivity value alert user of rebar proximity
- Large graphic display with backlight for easy viewing
- Data logging with memory function for easy retrieval
- Connect USB thumb drive for data transfer to computer with designated software


Technical Specifications :

Model Number NL 4041 X 001
Alternate Code ZBL - R630A
Applicable Change Ø6mm Ø50mm
Protective Layer Thickness Range

First Stage : 3 - 98 mm,

Second Stage : 3 - 196 mm

Max. Allowed Error 1 Rebar Standard
Data Transmission

GPRS Wireless Transmission

(Thumb drive storage available)

Battery Lifetime 38 Hours
Power Built in Chargaable Lithium Battery
Size 212 x 134 x 50 mm (LxWxH)
Approx.Weight 0.9 kg

*1 Copy of Manual Instructions


Set Consist Of :

Model Number  Description
NL 4041 X / 001 - P001 Controller Device
NL 4041 X / 001 - P002 Multi-parameter Probe
NL 4041 X / 001 - P003 Waterproof Case