Item Name

Specimen Cutting Machine With Fully Enclose

Category : Concrete Testing Equipments

Code : NL 4035 X / 008

Product Specification / Description

This machine using computer program control, data is accurate and adjustable, equiped with CNC and servo system with high performance to control the cutting. With fully sealed, low noise, automatic cutting and the cutting speed can be adjusted can fast forward, backward and with the walking system with high precision, accurate cutting etc.. With the core density automatic adjustment speed of feed. The rock core sample cutting quality. Effectively improves the reliability and service life and the diamond blade. Simple opreation, stable and reliable performance.

The machine are use high quality 304 stainless steel for long life durability. The superfine diamond blade, while cutting plane two parrallel, two plane distance is adjustable to 50, 70, 100, 150, 200mm cut the spacing, special specifications according to requirements of the production.Suitable for the highway, railway, construction, water conservancy, schools and other geotechincal laboratory preparation of standard sample cutting .

Technical Advantage:
1) Diamond saw blade production : high Menggang, processed by heat treatment and ground, and no deformation. Diamond cutter head and the common saw blade is not the same, using high quality a grade diamond knide head, wear resistance strong, suitable for various rock.
2) The 2 part adopts automatic clamping fixture and different(optional), greatly improves the work efficiency(manual loading and unloading time than cutting a long time)
3) The host power : 4KW ; power frequency conversion motor : 0.55kw
4) Cutting splinder diameter : 55mm, enhance the  stability of cutting system, enhance cutting molding specimens parallel degree.
5) Cutting travel form : the change of similar products on the market situations of idling walk slowly in the process, the machine adopts a new variable frequency motor control, according to the speed of walking free to set the actual operation, reduce the idling walk time, improve work efficiency.


Technical Specifications :

Standard EN 12390 - 2 , DSTM D 4543
Model Number  NL 4035 X / 008
Cutting height max(mm) Ø170
Diamond cutting tool(mm)  Ø485 Ø585
Forms of Work   Single, double knife two plane (the place spacing adjustable 50, 70, 100, 150, 200mm)
Cooling Form   Water cooling, can alos be cooled by liquid nitrogen or using the built-in loop system(optional)
Main Engine Power & Speed

4KW Y802-4 1390 RPM(explosive proof copper core

Linear velocity of the cutter 0--50m / min
A working feed motor Stepper motor, 3KW
The Feeding Speed  Feeding method for frequency modulation.Work entered into with the core density automatic adjustment
Feeding drive Imported linear guide rail
Control panel PLC and touch screen
Working time Continuous
Environmental temperature 0-40°C
Noise tone <80db
Body product 1650 x 880 x 1400mm
Quality quantity 750kg
Power 415V, 3PH, 50/60Hz, 4KW

*1 Copy of Manual Instruction