Item Name

Automatic Specimen Grinding Machine

Category : Concrete Testing Equipments

Code : NL 4034 X / 001

Product Specification / Description

For flat polishing both ends of the specimen after cutting to make samples with high accuracy.  The machine is equipped with Ø 200 diamond grinding wheels on two power heads. The specimen  is mounted on a workbench and reciprocated automatically during grinding. The grinding head can advance automatically or manually for grinding. The auto forward speed is adjustable. The parts touching water are made of high quality stainless steel, against rust and corrosion.

Technical Specifications :



 EN 12390 - 2 , ASTM D 4543

Model Number

NL 4034 X / 001

Workbench motor power 0.75kW
Grinding Head Power Y80 - 4 1.1KW x 2 tables 2800 r/m
Forms of work Grinding both ends in parallel at the same time
Mode of work Automatic or manual grinding
Automatic grinding feed 0.04-0.17mm(Adjustable)
Grinding range square shape : 40x40x40-150x150mm; cylindrical shape : Ø 50-Ø 150
Surface smoothness According to smoothness standard in mechanical machining : Ra3.2
Flatness in standard precision ± 0.05mm in 50, Verticality ≤ 0.11mm
Grinding wheel specifications Ø200 x ¢19 x 40mm
Cooling device Tap water cooling. if liquid nitrogen cooling is required, it shall be specified in the order.
External Dimensions

Length 1400 x Width 1450 x Height 1200mm

Weight 600kg
Power 415V , 3PH , 50/60 Hz, 1.5KW

*1 Copy of Manual Instruction