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3 Layer Curing Tank - NL 3005 X / 001

Category : Cement & Mortar Testing Equipments

Code : NL 3005 X / 001

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Product Specification / Description

The curing tank is made of stainless steel for curing of cement specimens at the required water temperature regulated by a refrigerated bath circulator. Mortar prisms can be positioned vertically and neatly for more sample quantity. Cooled water at controlled temperature is supplied to the top most layer of the tank and water is allowed to free-fall into the second and third layer to ensure consistent temperature throughout the entire curing tanks. .


Curing Tank Technical Specifications :

 Standard  EN 196-1, EN 196-8,
ASTM C109, ASTM C511, EN ISO 679
 Dimension  600 (L) x 800 (W) x 1505mm (H)
 Tank Dimensions (2nd & 3rd layer)

 748 x 548 x 260 mm (WxLxD)

 Reservoir Tank Dimension (Top Layer)

 748 x 548 x 220 mm (WxLxD)

 Standard sample positioning rack

 40 x 40 x 160 mm mortar prism


Refrigerated Bath Circulator Specifications :


20°C 60°C
± 0.05°C
Safety Circuit breaker for heater & cooling,
overload protection for compressor

Bath Capacity

30 liter
Output Flow
30 liter/min
Approximate Weight
60 kg
Power 220V,1.5 kW, 50/60 Hz,1phase