Item Name

Specific Gravity Frame / Buoyancy Balance

Category : Aggregate & Rock Testing Equipments

Code : NL 1019 X / 002

Product Specification / Description

Particle Density

Used for specific gravity determination of concrete, aggregates etc. To be used with a suitable mechanical and electronic balance fitted with an under - hook facility. It incorporates on its lower part a platform adjustable in height, holding a water container and allowing the specific gravity test. The balance is not included and must be ordered separately.


Technical Specifications :

 Standard  EN 1097-6, EN 12390-7,
 BS 1881:114, BS 812, ASTM C127,
 Dimension  560 (L) x 420 (W) x 1070 (H) mm
 Approx. Weight  55 kg


Unit Consists Of : 

 Model Number  Parts Description  Qty
 NL 1019 X / 002 – P 001  Water Tank  1no.


Optional Accessories :

 Model Number  Accessories Description
 NL 1019 X / 002 – A 001  Stainless Steel Cradle Hook (with Stainless Steel Hook)
 NL 1019 X / 002 – A 002  Stainless Steel Wire Basket Mesh Size 3.35mm (with Stainless Steel Hook)
 NL 7017 X / 014A  Digital Weighing Balance 15000g x 0.1g (with Bottom Hook Weighing)
 NL 7017 X / 005A  Digital Weighing Balance 6000g x 0.1g (with Bottom Hook Weighing)


 NL 1019 X 002-A001  NL 1019 X 002-A002 NL 7017 X 014A